About Us

iNurture, India’s most innovative and disruptive learning solutions company, strives to strengthen the employability quotient across the spectrum of adult learning, from college to corporate. In order to remain relevant and survive in this fast-changing and competitive world, every one of us, including students and working professionals, constantly need to upgrade and update ourselves with the latest developments, inline with the changing market demands.

iNurturePro’s short-term certification courses help you gain expertise in the latest technologies and concepts and will help you advance your career prospects. Designed by industry experts and developed as per scientific instructional design principles, these courses are recognised by leading companies.

Our mission

iNurture strives to up-skill and re-skill learners and help them remain current in the field of their choosing. We hone the skills of working professionals and give them an edge in their chosen fields. We make learners job-ready with hands-on, practical training designed by industry experts. We complement classroom teaching with eLearning content and this help learners improve their soft skills.

Our Strength

iNurture works closely with over thirty universities as their Knowledge Partner. We support our university partners with undergraduate and postgraduate industry-relevant courses in fast-growing, new-age verticals such as Cloud, Digital Marketing, Mobile Applications, SMAC and Animation.

Established in 2009, iNurture is led by professionals who have several years of industry experience, with a strong academic and research orientation. iNurture offers customised training and learning solutions for different categories of users including corporates, institutions and individuals.